Brushbot Wars

Join in with others to build a mini-robot fit for battle using a simple motor, brushes and assorted add-ons. Using simple components, visitors can practise making a simple robot design with the aim of competing against others, making small improvements to make the best mini-bot in the arena.

Setup: Small tables chairs with kit parts in divided boxes. Tables with edges for robots to battle

Interaction: Kits sit and pick parts from a kit to make either a 'Catcher robot' or an 'Escape robot', then place into an area with other robots to see the results.

Hazards: Small parts


Learn basic coding-based 3D modelling and make a coin design you can keep. Use your phone or device to 'write' your 3D design using the programming language OpenSCAD, then watch it come to life on the 3D printer.

Setup: 3D printer on a table, behind a barrier. Kids at tables/cushions with handouts and devices. Power sockets needed.

Interaction: Kids use a tablet or their phone to play with code snippets, then sent the file for printing, then watch print from behind barrier.

Hazards: Heating element (cover ordered), PLA smell (non-toxic), moving parts (placed behind barrier) Costs (if funded): £22 of Blue PLA filament (Printing may be limited if not funded)

Nerf guns

Internet of things technologies can be used for more than just lighting and turning on speakers. Here we use the same stuff to make your house smart to make a fun and interactive nerfgun target range. How quickly can you hit all the targets?

Setup: Targets are tambourines with leds for lighting, Targets are mounted on lighting stands and connected to power. There are cables out to each target for power. Nerf guns are used. Near power sockets needed.

Interaction: Kids learn how it was built/coded

Hazards: flying nerf foam darts (normal speed), loud noise upon hit

Wifi Pineapple

WiFi is of the backbones of modern connectivity. Everything has to have WiFi now - lights, phones, watches and more! But how secure is it? We have a hackers' field tool, the WiFI Pineapple, used to scan, hijack and control your internet connection from a tiny package.

Setup: Table with items, near power sockets

Interaction: older kids/adults learn about wifi risks and safety.

Hazards: None

Make Electronic Music

Electronic Music is everywhere - take a look under the hood at how we can make sounds from standard electronic components, what building blocks they form and how the interconnection of those makes those addictive sounds!

Setup: Table with items, near power sockets

Interaction: Kids turn dials and press switches to make electronic music, and learn about the simple parts behind it.

Hazards: Small parts.

Wifi-controlled lights

Learn about the coding that goes into lighting home automation over wifi and make your own lighting mood preset. Become familiar with an inexpensive, DIY internet-of-things 'kit of parts' that have become popular for inventors and tinkerers alike. Understand the hardware and the MQTT signalling method, then make colourful lighting scenes.

Setup: Dim area with lights added, near power sockets

Interaction: older Kids connect devices to a wifi accesspoint and set lights or activate presets, learn about the coding behind the light scenes.

Hazards: None