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Project Intro: Dirty Great Screen

Feb 112015

57north are hosting a hacker camp, CampGND, in the raw scottish wilderness; well wilderness of sorts.. we may have poor toilet facilities, which is raw for some. Amongst the not-so-light drinking and poorly conceived meals, I shall be building a DIY portable projector screen as my camp project.

The Aim:
A weekend to build/test a car-housed foldaway outdoor cinema, complete with ambient edge lighting. T

Things I'll be hacking:

  • an ancient but functional InFocus LitePro 620 projector/sound amp, mounted to point out my car window, with power lead to the genny.
  • Raspi + OpenElec + boblightd + ardunio nano + PC power supply
  • 2 to 4 WS2812B RGB LED strips (assuming they arrive)
  • a number of things to try as cheap high-gain front and rear projection screen material
  • old tent poles, strap material, eyelets and anything else that might be useful to hold up the screen and keep tension.

Project Milestones
MS1) Build the screen, attach first material, test projector, Movie 1
MS2) Add ambient lights and control, Movie 2

I'd have 2 attempts, one each evening, to watch the original Wargames or 5th Element, then Kungpow/Kung Fu Hustle. If it craps out, then Techno DiSCO!

Call for parts
Hmm any old tent poles from dead dome tents you have will come in very handy. An oldschool Power-to-screen PC supply might be cool also