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31C3 - Settling in

Jan 272015

Our 57north people had been assigned a table in the international hackerspace area, denoted by a stand displaying a world map with odd stickers. Early-on we started inviting visitors to add their stickers since ya'know.. stickers.

On arrival, it was clear that the sign also had an odd amount of plumbing attached to it. I learnt this was an unconnected delivery node to be used as part of the event's vacuum tube delivery system, which spread over the entrance floor areas.  People were using the tubes to send all sorts of awesome crap from node to node. Occasionally near our table, LED lit pods could be seen and heard zipping over the plumbing, typically followed by a harsh crash as the tube contents escaped the catching cradle and ejected to the floor.  This sound signified possible presents - it was a good sound.

The floor area our table was in was one of the darker areas intended to allow hacker-built lighting projects to shine in their glory.  Around us hung a smörgåsbord of lit globes, chaser lights and fire effects. I had brought along an ATtiny-powered 80-led light strip of makeit:glow fame that, while pathetic in scale, still stood proud on our adopted world map board. The light preset was fixed to 'drunk, gay cyclon' which I felt added a particular foamy joy to the ambience. Special mention must be given to the large LED sign that invited all to send text to it via UDP packet. I witnessed deep conversations between a fellow 57north hacker and random others:

Them (paraphrasing): "You cannot spell"
Him: "Patches welcome"

Also, there were talks. I am not going to describe the talks much as they were all recorded and can be viewed on youtube. The following are ones which I would recommend:

I will add to this as I watch more videos.