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Jun 152018


Taken during a lunchtime walk; Garthdee along the river path, sometime over May 2018.

On yet another Dee walk, I was forced to skip over a cheeky alloy snek as he clackered across my arid path. This species's young has developed a bad name in industry as it is often found inside jammed shopping trolly wheels, being attracted to the maternal anti-theft magnets installed therein.    

Trip Hazard

Nov 192016


Taken during a lunchtime walk; Garthdee along the river path, sometime over August 2016

As I was out on another lunchtime health work along the River Dee, I tripped over a log. Post-recovery, I saw the log was in fact a rare metallic shrub flowering it's polished topside. Its hard to imagine that in just a few years, this small sturdy fixture - a relative of the common paper-clip weed - will be a mighty 12ft boat anchor.

Wall Moss

Nov 152016


Taken during a lunchtime walk; Deeside, sometime over August 2016

I enjoy seeing things like this. On a wall, up a building, on a dead log - I tend to imagine a time-lapse version of it's progress with the Attenborough-esk fabricated 'plant' soundtrack of wet clicks and crackles.

Mosses are indicators of pollution and generally, they grow only in clean environments. This doesn't mean that the postcode the 'green thing' has found is free of man-made muck, but perhaps implies that a conscript of the local biome has judged the host object as something they can at least work with.